Jewellery care

All our jewellery is made with genuine .925 sterling silver and our gold vermeil jewellery is made with genuine .925 sterling silver which has been expertly plated with a rose or yellow gold layer.

All jewellery is and can be susceptible to damage and scratching as sterling silver is a relatively soft metal. When cared for correctly, your special keepsake jewellery will last a lifetime.

We have a few tips for taking care of your gorgeous jewellery…

The best way to keep your sterling silver jewellery looking beautiful is to wear it, as this stops the metal from oxidising with the air. However, the natural oils in skin as well as the body’s PH balance can vary from person to person and cause a reaction resulting in a tarnished effect to your jewellery.

We recommend regularly cleaning and polishing your jewellery with an anti-tarnish cloth to keep it looking shiny and pristine.

Avoid using commercial silver dips as they may remove the any finishes which are designed to highlight the detail in specific charms and jewellery in our collection.

To prevent your metals, gemstones and pearls from scratching and tarnishing, keep your jewellery in individual boxes or soft pouches and store these in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

It is best to remove all jewellery when in contact with water to keep your metal and gemstones in the best condition e.g. showers, swimming pools, the sea, etc.

Keep all of your metal and gemstones well away from domestic cleaning products and avoid contact with any corrosive chemicals like those in perfume, lotions, hairspray and rubber, as well as products containing sulphur such as mayo, eggs, mustard, wool and latex.

Avoid rose and yellow gold vermeil items coming into contact with soap, as it can give gold jewellery a dull appearance. A regular clean with an anti-tarnish polishing cloth will bring the brightness and sparkle back in a jiffy!

All our freshwater pearls are of the highest grade ensuring a beautiful lustre and colour. Pearls are delicate gems with a low resistance to heat, it’s best to avoid contact with any chemicals and cleaning sprays.